Large Group Parties

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday

Evening Private Party

(Minimum of 100 skaters required)
All skate rental is $2.00 extra. (either roller skates or rollerblades)

  • 2 Hour Private Party – $5.00 per skater
  • 2 1/2 Hour Private Party – $6.00 per skater
  • 3 Hour Private Party – $7.00 per skater


Evening Private Party

  • 2 Hour Private Party – $5.00 per skater Includes ANY Skate Rental

(Minimum of 100 skaters required)

Book 3 or more group parties between Sept 2021 June 2022 and qualify for a special reduced admission price of just $4.00 per skater.

Groups will be invoiced IF less than 80 skaters, a minimum of 100 paid skaters at the discount of $4 pricing or to receive any rebate. Group parties wishing to bring in food will be charged $1.00 extra per skater.  Party cancellations (non weather related) within 30 days of the reserved date will incur a $125.00 cancellation fee if your date is not rescheduled.

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